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Jim Morrison


Jim Morrison


Nils Frahm - Re


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Are you suggesting we have halos?

Are you suggesting we have halos?

Faith in Humanity Restored!


(via Smoke and Tentacles by drema on deviantART)


Quinta da Aveleda, Portugal. From Alicornio and Karl Gercens.



Rena Effendi - Between Here and Paradise; Havana Cuba

Rena Effendi, documented many of the neighbourhoods and enclaves that appear in the work of Padura and other Cuban artists. In her photos of Havana, we see a city almost frozen in time. Relics of another era dot the streets, like props from a period film. Effendi also depicts the city’s lively street life, photographing people in motion against a backdrop of vivid murals and Havana’s signature pastel colors. Cuba is neither a paradise nor a hell but, rather more of a purgatory, where some of us have the possibility of salvation.

*the woman with the white fan is so boss; I love her.

Yo soy Cubano!